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An Interview With Our Photographer Holly Burnston

We found Holly when we first launched our brand as a local small business. Her photography was incredible and, as a local business woman, we were incredibly excited to work alongside her to get some stunning imagery. She produced the majority of our early imagery and continues to work with us on producing more as we grow.

We caught up with Holly to find out more about her and the journey so far, and here she gives our readers an insight into her inspiration.

So Holly, what made you start up your photography business?

As a kid I was such a dreamer when it came to jobs I just didn’t know which one would become my passion. Photography has always been a huge hobby of mine, even little photos of friends, sunsets or just locally! I got my DSLR back when I was 18 to take with me when we went to Singapore, and from that holiday I knew I wanted to explore more into the world of photography. I am self-taught, and it has taken me a while to get here, but I think the pandemic really pushed me to finally follow the thing I loved.

Nothing like a sunset for inspiration! So what have you enjoyed most about starting up your new business?

I have loved seeing/hearing people's reactions to their photos! I love thinking that in years to come people will still have my photos as memories for them and I love being a part of that so so much!

I love that! Have there been any challenges along the way? Obviously being a start up always has its difficulties - that's part of the fun!

I’d definitely say time management. Some shoots are harder than others and the amount of editing that is involved can be tricky. It’s hard work for sure but it’s definitely worth it.

Well we think the end product is absolutely worth it! Tell us then, in 5 years time where do you hope to be?

Wow in 5 years. If I’m honest I’m not too sure, I’m really enjoying finding out my strengths and weaknesses within the photography world at the moment and I’m really excited to see which path this eventually takes me down. As long as I’m happy and doing what I love.

I think the pandemic has taught us a lot, and being happy in what you're doing is a big one! So switching it up then... what is your favourite cocktail?

Hmmm this is tricky, I worked in hospitality for a long time so this is tough. I want to say mojito but my heart is also saying espresso martini!

That's my go to as well you know. You cannot beat a good espresso martini! So to accompany the cocktail... favourite biscuit?

Chocolate Leibniz, 10000%. Can’t beat them.

That's not one I had thought of, but do you know what? I like that! If you had to be any animal what would you be?

I think I’d be some sort of bird. I would love to see the world from a different angle, all the incredible views. And plus being able to fly would be amazing.

Great for photography!


And finally, what is your dream holiday destination?

I actually have a list on my notes in my phone of all the places I want to eventually visit… to pick one is so so hard. Currently I would say the Dolomites in Italy, it just looks incredible there. Hopefully one day.

I think everyone has a notes page like that! Italy is certainly on mine. Thank you so much for doing this Holly, we can't wait to follow you on your journey and keep seeing the amazing work that you produce!

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