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About US 

Le Tarot Spirits is a UK-registered company inspired by a love for the South-West region of France to create exclusive, small batch products that are infused with fresh flavours. These partner perfectly with our artistic bottles which are a masterpiece in their own right. 

Le Tarot Spirits began life in the time-honoured traditional form of a pipe-dream. We doodled, we googled, and we began to form this crazy idea of developing a small-batch, hand-crafted gin.

We have always had an affinity with France, and moving down to the Occitanie region only opened our eyes to just how much culture and history is woven into everything, from the markets to the buildings and to the landscape itself. Every building has a story, every doorway seems to have a link back to its medieval origins. Most notably, the Occitan Cross is ubiquitous, adorning everything from castle gateways to corner shop doorways. Originally used as the coat of arms for a French count, it grew popular in the region and is still to be found in modern iconography of the area. Its importance is paramount, and so we wanted to make sure it was equally prominent in our design work.

We soon realised that the mystique and artwork of the age-old French Tarot card game would perfectly translate to what we were attempting to create, and it inspired the intricate designs that adorn our unique bottles. Our aim was to not only create a distinct flavour using botanicals found in this rich area of France, but to bottle it in a way that was equally vibrant.

At Le Tarot Spirits, our desire to create products that stand out in the gin collections of our customers led to our hand-drawn style that will adorn our bottles, drawing influences from the tradtional Tarot cards. Each label contains esoteric references to the back-story behind the brand and its founding - watch this space for further revelations!

The Le Tarot Team

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