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The Story Behind The Spirits

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Le Tarot Spirits started off as an off-hand comment born out of wanting a bit more from life - a global pandemic has the power to do that. And so, our team started to dream. We doodled, we googled and we began to form this crazy idea that might just work.

We have always had a love for the south-eastern area of France and moving down to the region only opened our eyes to just how much culture and history was woven into everything, from the markets to the buildings to the landscape itself.

This fascination led to us using the age-old game of tarot, which still remains ever present in the region and is played throughout France. We quickly realised that the mystique and artwork of the game would perfectly translate to what we were attempting to create and it inspired the intricate designs that adorn our unique bottles.

Our aim was to not only create a distinct flavour using flavours known to this rich area of France, but to bottle it in a way that was equally vibrant. At Le Tarot Spirits, we have always loved a bottle and we all have quite the collections of empty bottles tucked away on a shelf or in a cupboard somewhere and we set out wanting our spirits' bottles to be the feature piece on somebody else's shelf. This desire, led to our hand-drawn style that adorns our flagship product, Le Soleil, which draws influences from the traditional 'Sun' card. Amongst the label, there are even small artistic references to the individuals that have worked so hard to get us to this point.

Our spirits will put the Pyrenees, and the south west of France, firmly in the spotlight as we seek to draw out the spectacular from the simple. They will harness the natural beauty of the Pyrenees and the Cathar region of France, the botanicals native to the mountains, and the vibrant history and culture that weaves through daily life in this region of France. Le Tarot Spirits brings to market premium spirits destined to showcase this often-unexplored region. We thoroughly look forward to bringing everything that made us fall in love with the region back to the United Kingdom.

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